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Pastor of Student Community- Beavercreek, OH

Church Name: Beavercreek Christian Church

Location: Beavercreek, OH

Job Description:

Our goal is to bring someone on we can slowly mentor into this role, creating as seamless of a hand off as we can manage between the current student community pastor and thew new person. The current student community pastor has been here for 6 years and is very ingrained in the culture, especially as a student minister, but God is pushing him out of that world and into a more church wide role.

We are a church of 300-400 people in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. We have embraced a missional philosophy where we take seriously the idea of making disciples one person at a time. We don’t want to attract people to a show or entice them with a cool program. Instead we want to live like Jesus, helping people (especially teenagers) do the same.

We aren’t looking for a certain kind of person, there is no perfect person for this position. We want someone willing to learn, someone who is coachable, someone with a posture of humility, and someone already seeking Jesus.

Please apply by sending a resume, cover letter telling us the story of who mentored you in Christ, and a picture of your favorite superhero to [email protected]

Job Title: Pastor of Student Community

Reports To: The Pastor of the Next Generation and the Senior Staff
1. Submit an annual written evaluation and report of the previous year.
2. An annual review, written and oral, will be conducted by the Pastor of Next Generation.

FT/PT: Full Time

Beavercreek Christian Church (BCC) believes that each staff member makes a significant contribution to the success of our mission. That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities. Therefore this position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job scope, but not limit the staff member or the church to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each staff member will offer his or her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our vision and mission.

Why: Equip adults and students to develop, plan, organize, staff, direct and evaluate all ministries needed to increase the spiritual maturity of the Middle School, High School, and College age young people.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Overview:

Plan, implement and evaluate a disciple making movement among students. (This includes all curriculum, weekly meetings and any supplemental activities such as camps, conferences, seminars, retreats, trips, etc.).

Volunteer Leadership:

Disciple, train, encourage, and evaluate adults and students in the various aspects of ministry to students.

Provide the necessary resources for those involved in Student Ministry.
Ministry to Parents

Assist parents in the discipleship of their son or daughter by informing and involving them in the student ministry.

Expose parents to gifted people and resources available on parenting who can help them develop as disciples.

Development:Implement and continually evaluate a comprehensive plan for growing students in BCC’s Calling.

UP: Celebrate God and His work through Jesus Christ

Help students notice how God is already active and at work in the world.

Help students express their celebration of the work God is doing in their lives.

Help students notice that what God wants to do through you he’s already doing in you.

Let them see you learn from mistakes and seek God in the good and bad times.•

Mentor them to do the same.

IN: We are a family

Help students notice how God is already active and at work in the world.

Help to foster a sense of belonging and community among the students.

Coordinate “check-ins” with leaders, disciples, and previous disciples.

Create a coaching system that allows you to use your time wisely

Help the students notice what community and family looks like by showing them how it’s done.

OUT: Empowered to reveal the beauty of God’s Kingdom

Help students learn to live missionally in a way that cause other students to ask them questions about why they live that way.

Teach students how to answer the questions about why they live missionally and who Jesus is to them.

Be missional in the community or school in order to show students how its done and invite them to follow you.

Provide opportunities for students to serve others locally and globally. (This might include mission trips, community service projects, or working with other ministries.)

Provide clear communications to both students and parents.
Be directly involved in the teaching of at least one age group.
Serve as faculty on at least one week of camp each summer.
Community and family responsibilities:

Take time to be with your spouse and kids to disciple them and be their mentor.
Be an active participant in a local ministerial or Students Pastor’s fellowship.

Training and improvement:

Maintain a continual, growing relationship with the Lord and a regular time of personal study and prayer.

Continually grow in areas of responsibility by attending seminars & conventions, reading books, blogs, and researching web content, and consulting with other student ministers and churches.

This job description is intended as a summary of the primary responsibilities of and qualifications for this position. The job description is not intended as inclusive of all duties an individual in this position might be asked to perform or of all qualifications that may be required either now or in the future.


College Graduate

Experience: Part Time or Full Time in a church

Able to physically keep up with the students

Willing to relocate

General Staff Expectations:

Attend Weekly Gatherings.

Attend the weekly staff meeting.

Coordinate calendar with other staff members and the ministry of the entire church.

Collaborate with the Next Gen and/or Executive Staff in setting realistic and challenging goals, contribute to their accomplishment, and work in harmony with the elders, staff, and membership.

Take part in a huddle, home group, or its equivalent.

Share common areas of service with the other staff members such as hospital visit of students, counseling, weddings, funerals, and preaching when needed.

Respond to all staff/volunteer concerns in a timely manner.


Stew Sheckler

[email protected]



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