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Preaching Minister- Superior, NE

Church Name: Church of Christ

Location:Superior, NE

Job Description:

Superior, Nebraska is a town of approximately 2000 residents that is located in the Republican River Valley in south-central Nebraska, one mile from the Kansas border. ( The church in Superior was established in 1947 and has an average attendance of 50-75 souls at the Sunday morning worship service.
We are seeking applicants for the full-time position of a preaching and teaching minister for our congregation. All candidates for this position must be committed to Christ and His church, to the Bible as the inerrant and complete word of God and to the Campbell-Stone Restoration Movement. The individual that will fill this position must have a degree from an accredited college, seminary or university and some previous experience serving as either a senior or associate minister.


  1.  Ability to effectively share the message of salvation found in the gospels through the written and spoken word of God.
  2.  Committed to preaching the full truth of the Scriptures. Lifelong learner and student of the Bible, continually seeking the heart of God
  3.  Committed to local evangelism and congregational discipleship.
  4.  Demonstrate leadership, management, and organizational skills, while working shoulder-to-shoulder with church leadership.
  5. Lead by example, serving as a role model, inspiring others to serve Christ, by demonstrating a strong work ethic, moral integrity and living a Christian lifestyle that is consistent with the teachings of the Bible.
  6.  Ability to relate well to people of all ages as evidenced through a true interest in the lives of members of the congregation and people in the community.
  7. Committed to strong family values and community involvement.
  8.  Be called and led to Superior, Nebraska to serve the Lord through ministering to the Superior Church of Christ.


Robert Rich

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