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Private School Administrator- Bumpass, VA


Location:Bumpass, VA

Job Description:

Piedmont Christian School (PCS) Name:
Position: Administrator Start Date:
Job Description Date: April 29, 2019 End Date:

Position Overview
• This position is responsible for administration at Piedmont Christian School (PCS), a ministry of Bethany Christian Church. PCS is a K3 through 12th grade Christian school. Responsibilities include strategic and day to day operations of PCS. The administrator is the face of PCS to teachers, students, parents and the community. The administrator is expected to exhibit an exemplary Christian witness, must be agree with the Bethany Christian Church “We Believe” statement (see ), and must be an active member of a Christian Church.

Job Functions/Policies
• Conduct interviews for new teachers
• Observe teachers and staff throughout year to prepare for annual evaluations
o Provide coaching where needed during the school year
o Ensure staff conducts their actions in accordance with Biblical principles
• Conduct teacher orientation at the beginning of each school year
• Arrange for substitutes as needed
• Set school year upper class schedule in accordance with student credit hours needed
• Review curriculum and programs in order to maintain excellence in Christian education
• Assist upper level students with college preparation and scholarship applications
• Administer discipline as needed
o Students
o Teachers
• Work with parents, students, teachers and ministry team to resolve disputes using Biblical principles
o Escalate to ministry team as appropriate
• Determine placement of new students with entrance testing and evaluation
• Maintain professional office environment
o Records filed, confidentiality maintained
• Responsible for preparing and administering the PCS budget; work with PCS treasurer and secretary to accomplish first draft to submit to the ministry team
• Market the school in the community
• Manage school events
• Manage preparation of transcripts
• Prepare agenda for and lead monthly PCS ministry team meetings
• Attend monthly Bethany Christian Church Deacon’s and Ministry Team leaders meeting
• Manage and maintain paperwork and policies for The Department of Social Services
• Manage weekly Chapel service
o Speakers/Worship
o Presentation by individual classes
Works with
• Teachers/PCS staff
• Students
• Parents
• PCS Ministry Team
• BCC elders
• BCC congregation
• The community
• Other congregations in the area

Responsible to
• The PCS ministry team (school board); the ministry team is responsible to the elders
• A dotted line responsibility exists to the senior minister who is responsible for all staff
NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Other related duties may be needed to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.


Qualifications and Experience desired
• Classroom teacher for five years
• Christian school administrator for multiple years
• College or graduate-level degree in education or related field
• Supervisor of multiple employees
• Teacher interviewing and hiring
• Teacher training
o Group orientation
o Individual evaluations and coaching
• Familiar with Christian school curriculum
• Familiar with budget processes


Annie McGinnis

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