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Worship & Creative Arts Minister- Wabash, IN

Church Name: Church of Christ at Treaty

Location:Wabash, Indiana

Job Description:

Worship & Creative Arts Minister

The Worship & Creative Arts Minister of the Church of Christ at Treaty (CCT) is responsible for planning the Sunday worship experience as well as other worship events. This position requires a heart for Jesus and a heart for growing his church through leading people in worship. This role will require constant pursuit of excellence both on and off stage, stead growth as a follower of Christ, shepherd of people, and musician/worship leader. In addition, he will manage the creative elements of CCT including our media presence, video production and technical needs.

Personal Responsibilities:
– Demonstrates commitment to spiritual growth by spending regular time with the Lord
– Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity
– Developing personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church

Leadership Responsibilities:
– Prepare and coordinate upbeat, lively progressive worship services and ensure it reflects both the rich traditional elements of our past and the addition of new and relevant worship songs/elements in our services
– Cast vision, monitor, and influence the musical direction of CCT to ensure that it reflects the vision, values and goals of the church
– Recruit and train band members and vocalists who will participate in our weekend worship services
– Ensure that overall weekend services are effective and on target regarding content, style, structure and design
– Assist with planning special worship services such as Christmas Eve, Easter and other programs as assigned
– Oversee set design, video production, service timing, graphic design, consistent branding throughout
– Create and manage systems/processes to work with all team members to develop a series from idea to implementation
– Recruit and empower volunteers to serve
– Maintain a strong network of relevant professionals (worship leaders, musicians, tech engineers, graphic designers, web developers, etc.)

Programming Responsibilities
– Meet weekly with Lead Minister to critique prior weekend service and plan future weekend service
– Facilitate brainstorming sessions to generate fresh ideas and creative elements for service programming
– Interface with communicators to ensure a consistent message is being told in program details, i.e. music, video, offering, announcements, etc.
– Participate in weekly service meetings to plan and coordinate music, video and other program notes and assets
– Develop systems to create detailed service plans at least two weeks prior to the event date including musical, technical, video, and other programming needs
– Lead regular evaluation and critique sessions to maintain a high standard of excellence and monitoring the impact of service programming

Congregational Responsibilities:
– Assist with maintaining a high touch ministry
– Provide leadership and input regarding development, approval, managing implementation of annual CCT budget for areas of responsibility
– Participate and assist in events to foster community relations and outreach

Technical Responsibilities:
– Develop the people, philosophy, systems and deadlines related to video, graphic and technical elements of CCT
– Produce creative and effective graphics
– Produce effective in-service videos including, drafting concepts, scripting, video shoots, editing and post-production
– Strategize creative tactics to use video to promote and send the messages CCT wants to communicate to the church and the world
– Oversee the audio, lighting, and video technology for CCT including maintenance, programming and purchasing
– Facilitate the planning and implementation of social media communication

Reports to Lead Minister and Elder Team

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