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Youth Leader – Creative & Performing Arts- Sharonville, OH

Church Name: Sharonville United Methodist Church

Location: Sharonville, OH

Job Description:

The Youth Leader will lead the youth band, drama and creative arts activities for the youth in the church and middle school. He/she will provide leadership and instruction to a group of 6th through 9th grade students who wish to practice and perform music, skits, plays and other creative arts activities. The ideal candidate will be comfortable providing instruction and encouragement to various levels of abilities.
The Youth Leader does this through activities, programs and events which fulfill the following objectives:
✴ Support students’ understanding of God’s Word as performed through music, drama and creative arts.
✴ Create an atmosphere where students find acceptance and encouragement to grow in knowledge and character.
✴ Foster positive relationships with students and parents.
✴ Provide opportunities for students to display artistic and leadership skills.





✴ Work with other leaders in the church and schools to design the music and drama program
✴ Coordinate drama and music selection and performances with other leaders
✴ Maintain consistent communication to students, parents and other leaders
✴ Provide positive and constructive feedback to students
✴ Engage in other youth activities and events to broaden relationships with students

A passion for the arts and the ability to lead students in musical and drama settings. Ability to play an instrument and work with youth having a variety of skills.

Willingness to work with groups of teens and able to maintain a positive and encouraging environment. Ability to select appropriate skits, plays, and music. Ability to play the music, and create a plan for students to play.



Ann Wurster

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