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Children’s Pastor – Milford, OH

Church Name: Eastside Christian Church

Location: Milford, OH

Job Description:

Implement vision for the Eastside Kids Ministry (birth-4th grade) that is consistent with the vision of Eastside Christian Church. Cultivate an atmosphere of love for Christ and the world with children and their parents. Create safe worship and learning environments for children where they can discover how to own their faith. Volunteer development

Create a leadership team with volunteers and parents. Create and maintain leadership list/flow chart of responsibilities. Create a written plan for volunteer development, including but not limited to:

  • Regular training Evaluation of programming/curriculum/direction
  • Develop position expectations/responsibilities for volunteers
  • Background check volunteers every 2 years (Fall) or as needed for new volunteers
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Provide oversight of VBS working closely with the VBS volunteers.
  • Themes Creation and maintenance of VBS leadership team
  • Scheduling Church-wide events
    • Cabin Fever
    • Daddy/Daughter date night
    • Mother/Son date night
    • Church picnic Easter Egg Hunt
    • Fall Festival
  • Assist with updates and flow of Check-In (and receiving and inputting new family information)

In addition to the responsibilities with Family Ministries, there are general requirements for your employment at Eastside — such as scheduled in-office days, weekend responsibilities or general staff assignments as assigned by your supervisor-that all employees participate in together. While they are not specifically outlined in this document they are considered to be normal requirements of a staff position.


Committed follower of Jesus who strives to maintain constant contact with the Holy Spirit through Scripture, service and prayer. Convey the overall Vision and Values of Eastside Christian Church effectively. Inspiring pastoral leader who works well to motivate others. Disciple making leader who can pastor parents and volunteers. Balance vocational ministry with ministry at home with spouse and children. Overall staff team player. Manage time and tasks well and recognizing that saying “no” is a healthy thing.

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Garry Clark


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