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Youth Pastor – Parkville, MD

Church Name: Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore

Location: Parkville, MD

Job Description:

  1. Set support CCCB’s vision for the youth ministry with a plan to carry it out
  • To coordinate all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, evangelism, and missions.
  • Teach the vision and purpose statement to all volunteers, staff, and student leaders
  1. Develop and lead programs according to the vision and purpose of the youth ministry
  • Plan spiritual growth programs, activities and events that include opportunities for students to worship, fellowship with each other, learn Biblical truths and apply them to their lives (spiritual growth)
  • Create outreach programs, activities and events (evangelism)
  • Plan programs, activities or events, developing students who want to reach out and serve others, impacting them with the love of Christ (student leadership)
  • Coordinate winter retreats and summer camps
  1. Recruit and train volunteer leaders to help you with your purpose
  • Every student should know an adult who is praying, caring and investing in their lives
  • Meet regularly with your volunteers and staff
  • Build into your team with consistent training and equipping
  • Promote annual training events or conferences for your team
  1. Build and maintain relationships with kids both churched and unchurched
  • Meet regularly with students from the youth group
  • Befriend several unchurched students with no strings attached
  • Seek out opportunities to “hang out” with students on campus, at sports events, or in the community
  1. Build and maintain quality relationships with parents
  • Clearly share your vision with parents so they understand the purpose of the youth ministry
  • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents (regular e-newsletters, annual parent meetings, etc.)
  • Become aware of the needs of the parents
  1. Network with other youth workers in the community
  • Initiate contact with other youth workers to pray for the community
  • Meet regularly with other youth workers, encouraging each other, sharing ideas and experiences
  • Program or attend area events with other youth ministries annually
  1. Set and oversee the youth ministry budget
  • Set a budget that reflects the values in your vision and purpose
  • Be prudent with finances, sticking with the budget you set
  1. Involve students in the ministry of the church as a whole, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services, and activities
  2. Attend weekly church staff meeting
  3. Provide a monthly report to the assistant pastor of your goals, accomplishments, prayers and praises


  • A strong walk with God through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Has a consistent devotional life in Bible study and prayer
  • Teachable, with a desire to grow in their faith and abilities
  • Multi-cultural interests and willing to learn about the uniqueness of CCCB
  • A self-starter—highly motivated; doesn’t need constant attention
  • Has a passion for youth ministry and really enjoys being and ministering with students
  • Understands youth culture today; keenly aware of their needs in school and at home
  • Strong verbal and written communication; excellent administrative and leadership skills
  • A good role model—a person with high moral integrity; positive and encouraging
  • Team player with effective relational skills (works well with others)

Measurable Criteria

  • Agreement with our church’s vision, goals and statement of faith
  • Agreement with and subject to CCCBs polity and doctrine, informed by the CCCBs Children and Youth Ministry Worker’s Handbook. See
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from four-year college or university in youth ministry or a related major. At least three years youth ministry experience in a growing youth ministry
  • Experience leading and managing


Tom Tofilon

[email protected]



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