Remembering CCU

Tina Griffith (Alumni)

I will always cherish the friendships I made while I attended CBC. God truly blessed my life with some wonderful friends and I will forever be grateful for that. My favorite memory would be sitting in the Garden with some special people and just enjoying our time together.

Shelly Baxter (2015)

My CCU time became unexpectedly difficult. The prayers and support I received from the faculty and classmates gave me the strength I needed as a single mom to complete my degree. My education opened up unimaginable spiritual / professional doors for me! Forever CCU blessed!

My character (in the middle) in one of the CCU drama productions.

Logan McQueary (2016)

One of my favorite memories at CCU is participating in the drama productions. My sophomore year, I auditioned on a whim in front of Paul Friskney. I’d never acted in a play before so I had an amazing time trying something new and doing it again in my Junior and Senior years!

The Grimes family serving at the annual fall block party at the Auburn Church of Christ where Andy has served as the preaching minister since 2016.

Andy Grimes (2009)

I’m thankful for the years I spent preparing for ministry at CCU. God used the community and education I experienced on campus to equip me for the joy-filled task of serving the local church. My prayers are filled with hope as I consider the ongoing legacy of CCU!

Cory Ferguson (2011)

I was blessed to earn my BS in Worship Ministries from CCU (2004-2011). I am most grateful for Ken, Brenda, Dr. G., Jeannine, Dr. Faust, Dr. Friskney, Judy, Brian Derico, Choir tours, CDT, and CALL! Thank you for impacting my life and motivating me to finish strong!

John Herndon (1989 M.A.)

I drove in one day a week over several years to earn an M.A. That sched doesn’t allow much campus life, but those trips to Glenway Skyline w/those who came to CBS&C from different colleges were priceless. Dr. Cottrell’s Doctrine of Grace class has come to life often since 1989!

Caity Pierce

I came to CCU not knowing anyone, but that changed within the first few minutes of stepping foot on campus. I’m thankful for the memories I have created with my friends. I know that God will use this period of transition to grow us, and allow us to build His kingdom.

Mission trip to Brazil 2011

Heather Cope (2012)

I came to CCU broken I’d had a bad 2 years at a previous college and was looking for something but I didn’t know what. CCU was where I fell in love with God again, made friends, experienced other cultures and found professors who cared and wanted me to learn.

This photo captures one of my favorite things about CCU - multiple generations of students partnering in ministry together. Pictured: far right - Luke Reinhart (current student), second from right - Robert Bohnenkamp (2019), middle - Zach Price (2014).

Zach Price (2014)

I am forever grateful for the teaching of Ken Read, Jamie Smith, Gary Gregory, Brian Derico, Jon Weatherly, and Dan Dyke. These professors didn’t just deliver information. Rather, they communicated a deep love for Jesus and the church. I would not be who I am today without them.

Spreading Happiness

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