Billing, Payment & Refunds | Cincinnati Christian University

Billing, Payment & Refunds

Cincinnati Christian University uses a paperless billing system for all students. Students are automatically enrolled in the billing system after registering for classes for the first time. An email will be sent to your official university email address that provides log-in information and a link to the billing site. Each month you will receive an email notification when a new bill has been posted to the site. The billing system also provides an option for you to share access to your billing account with other bill payers such as parents or spouse.

Upon registering for classes, housing or meals at Cincinnati Christian University, you incur a financial obligation for the cost of those services and all related charges. This obligation can only be adjusted if you add, drop, or officially withdraw in accordance with CCU’s established policy. Failure to attend does not release you from this obligation.

  • To drop or withdraw from classes, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • To cancel room or meal-plan arrangements, contact Student Services.

Payment or a guaranteed payment arrangement is due 10 days prior the first day of each semester. If you register after the semester due date, payment is due upon registration.

A $100 late fee is charged to all students who do not complete payment arrangements by the due date.

Finance charges are applied to unpaid balances at the rate of 1.25% per month (15% APR).