Payment Options | Cincinnati Christian University

Payment Options

Financial aid (excluding Federal Work-Study) will be applied directly to your student account. You are responsible for paying any balance that is not covered by financial aid. The following payment options are available to you. You may choose to use one or a combination.

Payment in Full – Available to all students. No interest is charged if the balance due is paid in full by the published due date. Payment in full may be made through a combination of the following:

  • Awarded and accepted financial aid
  • Online payment at
    • Credit card – Discover, MasterCard, American Express. A convenience fee will be charged for online credit-card payments.
    • ACH payment directly from a checking or savings account. No convenience fee is charged for ACH payments.
  • Payment by mail – Checks made payable to “CCU”
  • Payment in person – Cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards accepted in the Enrollment Services Office include Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Extended Payment Plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) – Available to all students. This option allows for monthly payments to be extended through the semester. A small fee is charged for enrollment in the plan, but no interest will be charged on the balance to paid using the plan. Sign up directly with TMS through their website.

Third-Party Payment – From sources outside of CCU. Official documentation of payment by a third party must be provided to the Enrollment Services Office. Documentation should verify the amount of the scholarship and list any restrictions or additional requirements. Third-party payment sources may include:

  • Scholarship from a church or other organization
  • Assistance through a vocational rehabilitation agency
  • Military tuition assistance