MAR: Biblical Studies | Cincinnati Christian University

MAR: Biblical Studies

Master of Arts and Religion: Biblical Studies (Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching)

Format & Distinctive

  • 30hrs
  • Ten courses
  • One year
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Held both on local campuses and in other cities around the country


This degree is designed for busy men and women who are currently in, or are preparing to enter into, local church ministry where there is a need to teach and preach from the Bible, and who need to be equipped with fundamental skills and knowledge to competently fulfill that need.

By delivering the MA in three terms over 12 months, the program employs a fluid range of approaches, starting with a one-week-on-site course, followed by online courses, and hybrid courses that allow students to take advantage of the slower times on the church calendar, while lightening the academic load during the more demanding time of the church calendar.

The student experience will be organized around cohorts, which kick off with a one-week program. Following that initial week, courses are either fully online, or “hybrid.” Hybrid courses meet in a physical location on two Saturdays during the term, while the rest of the course is engaged online. When taking a full load, it basically translates into attending the physical location to meet roughly one Saturday per month.

Tuition Cost

In order to make this degree more affordable, we use a monthly payment program, rather than a large semesterly payment. The payments are comparable to a car payment for one year:

$499 per course x ten courses = $4,900 total.


  1.  Students can describe the role of biblical social backgrounds pertinent to the practice of historically grounded biblical exegesis.
  2.  Students can describe the character of biblical genres, and relevant exegetical techniques and reading strategies associated with them.
  3.  Students can describe key elements of and issues in biblical hermeneutics.
  4.  Students can describe the role of Scripture and its interpretation in the Church community and the character of the process by which it is taught.

Courses (10 x 3hr Courses = 30hrs)

  1.  Social Backgrounds of the OT
  2.  Social Backgrounds of the NT
  3.  eTools for Biblical Exegesis & Research
  4.  Pentateuch: Genre, Social Context, Genesis
  5.  Prophets: Genre, Social Context, Isaiah
  6.  Wisdom: Genre, Social Context, Writings
  7.  Gospel: Genre, Social Context, Luke
  8.  Epistles: Genre, Social Context, Romans
  9.  Apocalyptic, Visions & Dreams: Genre, Social Context, Revelation
  10.  (Capstone Course: Reading & Teaching the Bible in Community)