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MAR: Theology

The MAR in Theology engages christian theology as a means of personal transformation in preparation for leading, preaching and teaching.

Program Description

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Program Overview

The MAR in Theology is a fully accredited 30hr graduate degree. The goal of the MAR in Theology is to provide students with a series of ten courses that are designed to take students from introductions to contemporary culture and approaches to theology, through the biblical frameworks according to which the Church considers contemporary theological issues, and on to wrestle with our own involvement in the process of constructing a lived-theology that is personally and publicly powerful.

The MAR in Theology is taken over a 12 month period, through both online and hybrid course formats. This ensures that ministers, and working men and women are able to take the degree, while maintaining their pastoral, professional, and family responsibilities. Further, the degree course schedule is also designed to work around the busy times of the Church calendar; that is, since the degree is over 12 months, and not broken into semesters, we can afford to assign less-to-no work during the busier times of the year, while leveraging the slower times of the year.

Program Highlights

  • Convenient: offered in a one-year program, & designed to workaround your schedule.
  • Affordable: tuition cost is $499 per course, with available financial aid.
  • Accessible: no prerequisites, any accredited Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is accepted.
  • Relevant: designed to provide meaningful engagement with issues facing contemporary society.

Course Overview

Students take the degree in cohorts, and all students in the same cohort go through the same sequence of courses together. The sequence of courses available for the first cohort is as follows:

  1. Contemporary Culture in Theological Perspective (hybrid)
  2. Contemporary Approaches to Theology (hybrid)
  3. eTools for Biblical Exegesis & Research (online)
  4. Public Theology: Faith & Society (hybrid)
  5. Current Issues in Theology 1 (online)
  6. Missiology: The Mission of God in Global & Historical Context (hybrid)
  7. Old Testament Theology in Contemporary Contexts (online)
  8. New Testament Theology in Contemporary Context (online)
  9. Current Issues in Theology 2 (hybrid)
  10. Theology in Contemporary Communication (hybrid capstone course)

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