MAR Theology Degree Specifics | Cincinnati Christian University

MAR Theology Degree Specifics

Students take the degree in cohorts, and all students in the same cohort go through the same sequence of courses together. The sequence of courses available for the first cohort is as follows:

  1. Contemporary Culture in Theological Perspective (hybrid)
  2. Contemporary Approaches to Theology (hybrid)
  3. eTools for Biblical Exegesis & Research (online)
  4. Public Theology: Faith & Society (hybrid)
  5. Current Issues in Theology 1 (online)
  6. Missiology: The Mission of God in Global & Historical Context (hybrid)
  7. Old Testament Theology in Contemporary Contexts (online)
  8. New Testament Theology in Contemporary Context (online)
  9. Current Issues in Theology 2 (hybrid)
  10. Theology in Contemporary Communication (hybrid capstone course)