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HLC Show Cause

Dear CCU Family and Friends,

You may know that CCU recently completed a comprehensive institutional evaluation by the Higher Learning Commission (“HLC”). HLC is CCU’s institutional accrediting agency, and works to ensure that all schools it accredits remain fully compliant with industry standards and best practices.

HLC identified a number of areas in need of improvement, and as a result the HLC Board of Trustees has issued CCU a “Show-Cause” Order. A Show-Cause Order is a procedural order that requires an institution to present its case as to why accreditation should not be withdrawn. A copy of HLC’s Public Disclosure Notice and Action Letter can be downloaded below as well as a copy of the Show-Cause Order. CCU remains accredited but must develop and implement an improvement plan, submit a further report to HLC by December 1 of this year (2019), and host a team for an on-site review by February 2020. CCU’s administration and Board are working diligently to address HLC’s concerns.

CCU anticipated most of these concerns and is developing plans to resolve them to HLC’s satisfaction. Some of the issues noted in the documents linked below have been corrected already, and CCU is working diligently to develop and implement plans to demonstrate improvement in the remaining areas. In the meantime, CCU remains accredited and plans to offer its full range of courses, degrees, and athletic programs next school year while working closely with HLC staff.

HLC will consider the Show-Cause Order and CCU’s report and evaluation visit at its June 2020 Board of Trustees meeting and will determine whether to continue CCU’s accreditation with or without monitoring or whether CCU’s accreditation should be withdrawn at that time.  If you would like to contact HLC for further information, you can visit its website at www.hlcommission.org.

We apologize for any concern this announcement may have caused, and will keep you updated as we make progress. We will update the information currently available on this page as we are able to provide additional information. Thanks very much for your ongoing support of CCU’s mission and legacy.


CCU Board of Trustees

For further information, please see CCU’s page on the HLC website: https://www.hlcommission.org/component/directory/?Itemid=&Action=ShowBasic&instid=1773