A Letter From the President | Cincinnati Christian University

A Letter From the President

Dear CCU Family,

We hope you’re having a great summer! By now you should have received a notification from CCU regarding recent actions taken by the university’s primary accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). We apologize for any concerns that this notification may have raised, and wanted to take a moment to answer some “frequently asked questions” about CCU’s accreditation and future.

  • CCU is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and will remain accredited through the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Any credits that have been earned at CCU, or that will be earned during the 2019-2020 school year, will be transferable to other schools under normal conditions of transfer. It is always the case that individual schools determine which credits from which other universities will be accepted in fulfillment of their own degree requirements, but the fact that CCU remains accredited should make most credit transferable.
  • CCU will make special arrangements with select schools to ensure that, in the event of a worst-case scenario, students will be able to transfer the maximum number of credits to another institution. We do not anticipate that scenario, but want to be sure our students are protected no matter what happens.
  • The quality of classroom instruction will not be impacted by the accreditation notice.
  • No current scholarships will be impacted by the accreditation notice.
  • No athletic programs or other student services will be impacted by the accreditation notice.
  • While the information contained in the notification highlights a number of important concerns, CCU has been aware of these issues for some while. In 2018 the university conducted an extensive self-study in preparation for a regularly scheduled accreditation visit, and this work underscored a number of areas in need of improvement. We began addressing the Commission’s key concerns earlier this year, months before the notification was released.
  • In terms of process, CCU will submit a progress report to HLC in December, and will then host another site visit in February 2020.
  • CCU has engaged academic and legal consultation from a group that specializes in higher education and that has considerable experience with the Department of Education and the various regional accrediting agencies. Their counsel has already proven extremely valuable as we discern best steps forward.
  • CCU’s President’s Cabinet has produced and reviewed a recovery plan that seeks to address the concerns raised by HLC. This plan is currently under review by our counsel. Upon their approval, we will send it to our HLC liaison for review and comment.
  • All CCU employees and departments will be involved in the recovery plan, to varying degrees
  • CCU’s Board of Trustees remains committed to ensuring that CCU achieves full compliance with all accreditation standards.

Thanks again for the privilege of working and learning with you. Best wishes for a great school year!

Ron Heineman,
President & CEO, Cincinnati Christian University
[email protected] | 513.244.8492