CCU Authors at the Library Book-Signing – Cincinnati Christian University

CCU Authors at the Library Book-Signing

As part of the CCU library’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration, dozens of friends and colleagues attended a book signing on April 12th that featured four of the most prolific authors among our faculty and alumni: Jack Cottrell, Bob Russell, David Faust, and Sam Stone. These four individuals represent a wide variety of service to God’s kingdom. Jack Cottrell, for instance, taught for over 50 years and has written a large number of books and articles. Sixteen additional books are either newly published or are soon to be published. For many years, Bob Russell led the largest of our churches, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. Dave Faust served a dozen years as president of CCU and is now serving at East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis. Sam Stone served as editor of Christian Standard for a quarter of a century and taught many Practical Ministry courses as well as served as Seminary Dean. Their accomplishments have been many.

Friends came to express their appreciation to these great men for their many years of service and their numerous writings that continue to inspire and bless people all around the world. Those in attendance enjoyed this time of sharing. Many also enjoyed the library’s historical displays including an archaeological exhibit donated by Dr. W. W. Winter, artifacts and rubbings from the estate of Dr. Ward Patterson, items highlighting CCU’s impact on worldwide missions, historical items from the early years of CBS, and so much more.