CCU Moves – BY ROB BOHNENKAMP – Cincinnati Christian University



God is doing something special on our campus. This semester, the theme of CCU chapel services is “MOVE.” After developing a foundation where students learn who Jesus is and how to interact with the Spirit through our past chapel themes of “Rooted” and “You are Here,” it became clear that the need of the students now is to focus on the spiritual awakening on campus. “MOVE” is a call to action, and this looks different for everyone. For eight of our students this call to action led to baptism (within the first four weeks of school). For others it means serving the community in new ways, and for others it looks like sharing who Jesus is to those on our campus who don’t have a relationship with Him. However it looks, the goal of chapel this year is to emphasize the mission that all Christ-followers have been given to not only learn about God’s deep love, but to actually “MOVE.”

Our community regularly worships together at Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays (at 10:00 a.m.) and on Wednesdays at Family (at 10:00 p.m.). Thursday mornings start with worship and continue with an opportunity to build community through small groups.

All of these worship opportunities are giving our campus the opportunity to grow together in Christ. We believe that if people who leave our services recognize nothing except “how great God is,” then they will carry that message wherever they go. When we look at the problems the world is facing and the need for Jesus that is evident everywhere, we are called to action. It calls us to change. The question is, why can’t CCU be a place where redemption, reconciliation, and resurrection start?