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Paul Friskney



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Since I have been at CCU for over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas, including directing plays and training traveling teams. However, my greatest love is teaching. Currently, I teach in multiple areas within the English and Communication Arts programs. I stay connected with incoming freshmen by teaching one section of College English each year. Each fall, I get to tap into my love of movies in a special way by teaching Theological Themes in Film. In the related area of drama, I teach Survey of Dramatic Literature and Drama Production & Performance. I also love writing and teaching writing. At CCU, that involves two courses: Creative Writing: Nonfiction and Creative Writing: Poetry, Fiction, & Drama. Filling out my teaching responsibilities, I also do Introduction to Poetry and English for Teaching & Editing, which includes an advanced grammar study and application in areas like editing for publication, which I did in my early years at CCU, and teaching English as a second language, which I did when our family lived in Kosova. Roles at CCU: Chief Academic Officer, Dean of the Foster School of Biblical Studies, Arts & Sciences, Chair of the Arts & Sciences Department, Professor of English & Communication Arts.

Professor of English (1984). Arts & Sciences Department Chair. BA, MA, Cincinnati Christian University; MA, University of Louisville; additional graduate work, University of Cincinnati.