This page exists to provide resources to students and current alumni and will be updated as additional information is released and additional content is created.

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Transfer and Teach Out Schools

CCU is working with a number of local and regional schools to help you find your next higher education home. All schools listed below have indicated that they would like to meet with you, and many will be sending representatives to CCU’s campus in the coming weeks. Please contact CCU’s Student Services office for more details on these visits.

While all schools below would like to help you transfer, some are making special arrangements to become CCU “teach out partners.” These schools will give special consideration to seniors who are close to graduation.
Please feel free to contact Admissions personnel at any of the schools below, or to meet with their staff on campus on the dates indicated.

Selecting a college is a significant decision, so please make an informed choice. You may wish to talk with representatives from several schools before making a final decision. And feel free to ask CCU faculty members or Student Services staff for advice. We want to help you however we can.


Q: What is happening at CCU?

CCU is suspending academic operations after the Fall 2019 semester. This means we will no longer be offering classes. CALL students who are enrolled in classes that begin in December and end in January will be able to complete those classes.

Q: Where can I get more information about what to do?

CCU will keep adding information to this student resource page. You can also contact any member of our Student Services staff by email or phone, or feel free to walk into the Student Services Suite in the upper level of President’s Hall anytime during normal business hours.

Q: Will my CCU credits transfer to another school?

Yes. Your CCU credits are fully accredited and should be accepted by most other schools. Of course, if you transfer, your new school can only accept credits that apply to your new degree program there.

Q: Where will I go to school now?

CCU is making special arrangements with a dozen schools who have agreed to help you transfer as easily as possible. Other schools will join this list.

Two schools, Central Christian College and Hope International University, are taking the lead in helping with student transfers. Both of these schools offer online programs, so if you are close to graduation you may want to consider one of those two.

Central is working with their accreditors and the state of Ohio to open an extension campus in Cincinnati next Spring for Ministry programs. Pending approval, Ministry students should consider Central as a first choice.

Q: How will I know how to contact other schools?

Representatives of our partner schools will come to campus over the next month. CCU will send announcements of the days and times they are coming so you can meet with them. You can also contact CCU’s Student Services staff for further information on how to connect with other schools.

Q: Will I still be able to play my sport?

Many of CCU’s teach-out partner schools offer NCAA, NCCAA, or NAIA sports programs. You should speak with representatives of individual schools about options.

Q: Will I be able to keep my scholarship?

CCU scholarships will not transfer, but our teach-out partner schools have agreed to try to match your current costs. Some may not be able to do that, while others may be less expensive than CCU or may offer you an even better scholarship. Consider looking at several different schools to be sure you feel you are getting the best deal.

Q: Will I still be able to live on campus?

One of CCU’s partner schools, Central Christian College, will be offering Ministry programs on CCU’s campus next Spring. Students who are enrolled in one of Central’s programs can live on campus next Spring. If you are transferring to another Cincinnati-area school and would like to stay on CCU’s campus next Spring, please contact Student Services for more information.

Q: I am a Ministry student in the “teaching church” program. Will I be able to continue in that program?

Yes. Central Christian College will continue the Teaching Church program in its current form. We are reaching out to our church partners and expect that they will continue to participate. Students who wish to enter the Teaching Church program, or who plan to continue with it, should transfer to Central Christian. See Student Services or Bobby Jackson or Jeffrey Derico for more details.

Q: I am finishing my classes this Fall and was planning to get my diploma in December. Will I still be able to do that?

Yes. CCU is still fully accredited, and will grant degrees for all students who finish by the end of the Fall semester.

Q: I’m thinking I might take a semester off to look at my options. Will that be a problem?

Not a problem. Your CCU credits are fully accredited, so if you decide to take a semester off and then go to another school next Fall (or beyond) you can still transfer them to your new program.

Q: I think I might want to finish my degree online. Can I do that?

Many of CCU’s teach-out partner schools offer fully accredited online degrees. Your CCU credits will transfer to those schools. We recommend that you first look at Central Christian College, Hope International University, and Point University if you are interested in fully online programs.

Q: I am a grad student. Will there be options for me?

Yes. Several of our teach-out partners offer CACREP accredited MAC programs (or equivalents), and several offer MAs and MDivs in Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Theology. Contact Student Services for details.

Q: I am currently on suspension but was planning to come back next Spring. What should I do?

CCU will help students on suspension or probation with the transfer process. Contact Student Services and we can help you find and apply for a new school. We hope you will plan to resume your college degree with another school next Spring.

Q: I received a notice that my credits or degree are on hold because I didn’t complete the spiritual formation requirements. What can I do about that?

CCU affirms the importance of spiritual formation but also realizes that current and past students will not be able to make up missing requirements. We will remove all holds from your transcript related to spiritual formation so that you can transfer your credits or receive your degree.

Q: Will I be able to keep my CCU email address?

Yes. CCU email addresses will remain active after this semester. You may still be able to contact friends and faculty members through that channel, if they decide to keep their account active.

Q: Will I be able to use the library until the end of the semester?

CCU’s library will remain open through the end of this semester and beyond. All CCU books and periodicals, along with research support from library staff, will remain available to you. While CCU students will no longer be able to request books from other libraries through OhioLink, you will still have access to all electronic databases. Please plan to return all library materials by the end of the semester.

Q: Will chapel continue for the rest of the semester?

Yes! Even though we will not be tracking attendance, we encourage you to gather with friends and CCU faculty and staff at Chapel and Family Reunion. These will be opportunities to re-center and find peace and confidence in the midst of transition.

Q: I was charged a fee for graduation. Will that be reimbursed?


Q: Many schools post a November 1 deadline for application for admission for Spring 2020. Will I be able to get an exception?

In most cases, Yes. All schools visiting our campus will make special arrangements to make it easier for you to move through the application process. If you are interested in a school that is not one of CCU’s teach-out partners, explain your situation to their Admissions staff and tell them they can contact CCU for details. Other schools will want to help you as much as they can.

Q: If I finish my degree this Fall, will I receive a signed diploma?

Yes. Grades will be processed and degrees will be granted by January 31. You should receive your diploma around that time.

Q: I am going to grad school. Will CCU’s closure impact my chances of getting into certain schools?

The factors that impact admission to a graduate program are many and complex, and they vary with individual institutions. Your CCU credits were received from a fully accredited institution, so the fact that CCU is closing should not in itself impact your eligibility.


Accreditation Information

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