TRANSFORMATION 2023 Strategic Plan

Fall 2018 has seen a record freshman enrollment of over 300 students, an increase of 14%! Your Trustees have been very busy over the past six months developing CCU’s Strategic Plan, Transformation 2023, for the next five years and have identified five Key Success Areas:

“Working Together to Position CCU for the Future”

  • CCU increased our educational offerings on-campus and through our new online initiative with over 67 degrees, including associates bachelors and masters.
  • CCU's additional degree offerings include Marketing, Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Masters in Public Theology, and Worship Leadership









  • Faculty, Staff, and Coaches are committed Christ-followers protecting the DNA of CCU with our Statement of Faith and CCU's Affirmation positions.
  • CCU's Mission and Vision statements have been enhanced for academic and spiritual alignment.
  • There's an increased number of faculty achieving PhD's in all majors.
  • Students’ lives are being transformed during the three mandatory corporate campus worship experiences per week. 
  • Spiritual development plans for all students grow within a Christ-centered community of mentors. 
  • CCU fosters a commitment to Diversity and Unity on campus and in the classroom. 
  • All students are required to earn the equivalent of a Bible minor regardless of their major, equipping them with a solid foundation.
  • With the increased enrollment there is need for additional housing, which is currently at maximum capacity. 
  • Information Technology investments are required for an enhanced educational experience. 
  • It is time for much-needed repairs on CCU’s buildings.
  • CCU needs to raise $1.5 M in the next 18 months to ensure that all Key Success Areas are accomplished, including awarding additional scholarship monies.


While the five Key Success Areas listed are not all-inclusive, we want our stakeholders to know that we remain very committed to the local church and its needs. In addition, we have reorganized our ministry product offering through the Russell School of Ministry and continue to equip ministers to serve in the church. We have maintained our graduate degree programs in Divinity, Public Theology, and Counseling with more degrees envisioned in the Transformation 2023 Strategic Plan. Our Center for Church Leadership is a resource that is growing rapidly and is designed to meet the needs of ministers in the local church (

*CCU welcomes STOCK GIFTS under the new tax law that may also benefit the donor.

If interested in giving stock directly, please contact: 

Randy Koehler 

Vice President of Finance 

[email protected] 


Our Leaders Coordinating the Campaign to Raise $1.5M:


Dan Garrett (BS '79), Former CCU Trustee

Director of Church Relations

Christian City

Tracy Wright

Vice Chair of Greater Impact CCU


Church Planter


Chris Hahn, Chair, CCU Trustees 

Lead Executive Pastor 

Southland Christian Church

Tyler McKenzie, CCU Trustee 

Lead Pastor 

Northeast Christian Church

Mark Stier, CCU Trustee 

Pastoral Care Minister 

Westerville Christian Church

David Stokes, CCU Trustee 

Senior Minister 

Jerome Christian Church

Jonathan Sams

Vice Chairman, CCU Trustees

Of Counsel

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP

Tim Wallingford

Director CCU’s Center for Church Leadership






5 Individuals or companies committing to gifts of $75,000 

 5 Individuals or companies committing to gifts of $50,000 

10 Individuals or companies committing to gifts of $25,000 

 20 Individuals or companies committing to gifts of $10,000 

367 Individuals or companies committing to gifts of $1,500

PLEDGE COMMITMENT LEVELS over the next 18 months

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