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BA Biblical Studies

Degree Description CCU offers the BA in Biblical Studies to students who want to excel in their understanding of the Bible and acquire an Arts degree that will prepare them for biblically based critical thinking in preparation for a range of career and ministry choices. When you take this degree, you discover the social, historical, ideological and theological environments in which the various texts of the Bible were written; you learn to translate the Bible from its original languages; you learn both fundamental and advanced principles and methods of biblical interpretation; you learn to critically evaluate theological conclusions and to present a coherent theology grounded in historical and linguistic realities; and you are taught how to critically evaluate contemporary culture and engage it from a well-informed biblical foundation. Furthermore, you are coached to become a good writer and communicator of your ideas, and to present your learning in a well-reasoned and compelling manner.

Expected Learning Outcomes – Interact with the biblical text using a well-informed interpretive model. – Translate selected Greek or Hebrew Biblical texts. – Demonstrate awareness of the processes by which theological ideas and actions emerge from biblical texts. – Demonstrate competence in college-level research and writing in the field of Biblical Studies in compliance with MLA or SBL style guides.

Biblical Studies Core 30hrs Christian Belief & Practice (BSEG 110 3hrs) Origins of the People of God I: Emergence of Israel (BSOT 150 3hrs) Origins of the People of God II: Jesus and the Church (BSOT 150 3hrs) Pentateuch: Teachings & Perspectives (BSOT 220 3hrs) Prophets: Teachings & Perspectives (BSOT 225 3hrs) Wisdom: Teachings & Perspectives (BSOT 230 3hrs) Jesus & The Gospels (BSNT 220 3hrs) Paul & New Testament Letters (BSNT 230 3hrs) Biblical Exegesis & Hermeneutics (BSEG 300 3hrs) Bible & Culture Seminar (BSEG 480, 3hrs)

Biblical Languages (12hrs) Greek 1&2 (BSGK 210&11) or Hebrew 1&2 (BSHB 210&11) (6hrs) Greek Exegesis or Hebrew Exegesis (6hrs)

Biblical Studies Major Distinction 21hrs Biblical Studies Tutorial (BSEG 250 3x1hrs — taken from first year) Introduction to Public Theology (BSPT 200 3hrs) Pauline Epistle Electives 300s (3hrs) Gospel Electives 300s (3hrs) Prophet Electives 300s (3hrs) Pentateuch or Wisdom Electives 200-300s (3hrs) Public Theology Electives 300s (3hrs)

Major Electives 6hrs: Any 300-400 level BSNT, BSOT, BSEG, BSPT, BSGK, BSHB Any 200-300 level DOCT, ETHI, APOL Bachelor’s Thesis (requires a proposal and approval process prior to registration for the thesis.)

Arts & Sciences (45hrs) College English 1 (ENGL 110 3hrs) College English 2 (ENGL 111 3hrs) Survey of Multicultural Literature (ENGL 220 3hrs) Literary Theory & Criticism (ENGL 380 3hrs) Theological Themes in Film (ENGL 231 3hrs) Theological Ethics in the Novel (ENGL 221 3hrs) Political Theories (PHIL 240 3hrs) History of Christianity (HIST 220 3hrs) History of the Restoration Movement (HIST 230 3hrs) Public Speaking (SPCH 110 3hrs) Mathematics Elective 100s or 200s (3hrs) Natural Science Electives 200s (6hrs) Introductory Sociology (SOCI 110 3hrs) Social Psychology (PSYC 285 3hrs), OR People, Places & Cultures of the World (SOCI 210 3hrs)

Open Electives (6hrs) Open Electives (these hours may also be applied to a bachelor’s thesis or an internship).