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Alumni Testimonials

Graduation 1“CCU fostered the environment I needed to be able to learn more and grow deeper in my communication skills and gave me a platform to jump into where I am now. Each of my professors, as well as my advisor, took the time to genuinely help me hone my ability to communicate professionally and to articulate my thoughts and opinions with ease and poise. These skills have been invaluable with the roles I now have as a staff member at CCU with undergraduate admissions, as Outreach Coordinator, with working on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and as a forthcoming graduate student.” -Zach, Class of 2017

“CCU wasn’t actually my first choice, but I’m so glad I ended up there. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to be writing, in some capacity. I had always been interested in journalism, but was unsure of job opportunities in a market where print media seemed to be fading quickly. I decided to get an English degree with a minor in communication arts to give myself some versatility in case I needed to pursue a career with more of a focus in marketing or public relations. But not long after graduation, I was hired as a freelance writer for LEAD Tribune Media Group, which owns Lead Magazine and Venue Magazine. Shortly after this I was promoted to part-time office staff, and was then promoted to the full-time Editorial Coordinator for both magazines. I copyedit the magazines’ content and write for both magazines as well. My degree from CCU and the help I received from professors like Dr. Friskney and Brian Derico helped me to be confident in my ability, and now I truly have my dream job.” -Hannah, Class of 2017