BS Early Childhood Education | Cincinnati Christian University

BS Early Childhood Education

Description: Students completing this licensure program are certified to teach preschool – 3rd grade in public or private schools in the state of Ohio. Courses in this degree program prepare teacher candidates by emphasizing theory of child development and practical application of teaching methods. Methods courses use the Common Core State Standards and the Ohio Learning Standards. Our goal is to help teacher candidates become caring, competent, and highly qualified educators.

Expected Outcomes:

Our graduates understand student learning and the development of all learners (referencing OSTP #1).

Our graduates know their content area and understand how to deliver effective instruction to each individual student (referencing OSTP #2 & #4).

Our graduates understand how to use varied assessments to inform instruction and ensure student learning (referencing OSTP #3).

Our graduates demonstrate caring attitudes, which create environments that are conducive to learning for all students (referencing OSTP #5).

Admission Requirements into Department: Requirements for admission into the ECE Early Childhood Program need to be completed before having the opportunity to interview into the program. Students are required to complete the application form at the education licensure interview, read and sign the education department student handbook and the google email communication form.  Students must also complete ten volunteer hours per semester working with children, adolescents or young adults in some capacity.  

Students must have and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 and must complete the following courses to be admitted into the Education Licensure Program:
          • EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching
          • Six credit hours of English
          • Six credit hours of Math
          • Three credit hours of Science
          • Six credit hours of Social Sciences (PSYC 100: Introductory of Psychology and EDUC 220: Human Development)