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BS Christian Ministry: Music & Worship

Our Outcomes: “Christ Above All” God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name. (Philippians 2:9) Artist. Artistically excellent. We are called to give God our best, and nothing less. Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. (Psalm 33:3) Follower. Spiritually formed. As we like to say around here, “Everything is spiritual.” Make every effort to be found spotless, blameless, and at peace with him. (2 Peter 3:14) Servant. Relationally thriving. In the kingdom of heaven, the way up is down. Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wsants to be first must be slave of all. (Mark 10:43-44) Leader. Intentionally discipling. We are learning to be bold enough to say, “Follow me, as I follow Christ.” Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19)

BSMW COURSE CONTENT Arts & Sciences (39 hours)

College English 1 3hrs College English 2 3hrs Survey of Multicultural Literature 3hrs History of Christianity 3hrs History of Restoration Movement 3hrs Mathematics Elective 3hrs Intro to Technology in Worship Arts 3hrs Natural Science elective 3hrs Intro Psychology 3hrs Behavioral Science elective 3hrs Public Speaking 3hrs Music in World Cultures 3hrs Humanities elective 3hrs

Biblical & Theological Studies (30 hours)

Origins of the People of God 1: Emergence of Israel 3hrs Origins of the People of God 2: Jesus & the Church 3hrs Christian Belief & Practice 1 3hrs Biblical or Theological Studies elective 3hrs OT Teachings & Perspectives electives 3hrs OT Teachings & Perspectives electives 3hrs Jesus & the Gospels 3hrs Paul & His Letters 3hrs Psalms Hymns & Spiritual Songs 3hrs Bible & Culture Seminar 3hrs

Music & Worship Major (39 hours)

Introduction to Ministry 1: Calling & Formation 3hrs Theology of Worship 3hrs Practical Theory 1* 3hrs Practical Theory 2 3hrs Worship Leadership 3hrs Music Team Leadership 3hrs Voice Methods 1 1hr Voice Methods 2 1hr Keyboard Methods 1hr Guitar Methods 1hr Worship Ensemble (2 semesters) 2hrs Performance Ensembles (4 semesters) 4hrs Supervised Field Experience (2 semesters) 0hrs Worship Event 0hrs Senior Project 0hrs Music Convocation (6 semesters) 0hrs Music & Worship electives 11hrs

Worship Ministry Track (12 hours)

Through the Teaching Church program, the Worship Ministry track provides extensive hands-on training in many practical aspects of worship ministry, including training and experience in pastoral functions (weddings, funerals, special services, crisis situations, etc.). Introduction to Ministry 2: Practices of Ministry 3hrs Organizational Leadership 3hrs Case Studies & Problem Solving 3hrs Advanced Spiritual Development 3hrs

Musical Artist Track (12 hours)

The Musical Artist track is designed to train a person in advanced musical arts, whether performance or technology. Students may choose one or more areas of specialization, including music creation, vocal, guitar, piano, music technology, or instrumental music. Practical Theory 3 3hrs Music Pedagogy 3hrs Applied Music (6 semesters) 6hrs

Multidisciplinary Track (12 hours)

Multidisciplinary track students pursue specialized training in combinations music & worship, ministry or technology.Each will receive some customized specialization in music & worship arts. Music & Worship, or Ministry electives 12hrs