Certificate in Behavioral Sciences | Cincinnati Christian University

Certificate in Behavioral Sciences

The 36 credit-hour Certificate in Behavioral Sciences at Cincinnati Christian University is designed to provide an introduction to the Behavorial Sciences profession. Knowledge gained by earning this certificate is applicable to various mental health careers. Individuals successfully completing this cettificate will be eligible for licensure as a Chemical Dependency Counseling Associate (CDCA Phase I) through the Ohio Board of Chemical Dependency Professionals (OCDP). Coursework is tranferrable into the Bachelor of Science in Psyhology degree program.

Certificate Requirements:
Arts & Sciences (6 hrs)
SOCI 110 Introductory Sociology(3 hrs)
SOCI 210 People, Places, & Cultures of the World (3 hrs)
Psychology (30 hrs)
PSYC 110 Introductory Psychology (3 hrs)
PSYC 150 Theories of Psychotherapy (3 hrs)
PSYC 220 Developmental Psychology (3 hrs)
PSYC 240 Research in the Behavioral Sciences I (3 hrs)
PSYC 250 Basic Counseling Skills (3 hrs)
PSYC 272 Cognitive Psychology (3 hrs)
PSYC 285 Social Psychology (3 hrs)
PSYC 350 Abnormal Psychology (3 hrs)
PSYC 353 Addictions & Substance Abuse I (3 hrs)
Psychology Elective (3 hrs)